Pin grading is subjective. Since enamel pins are handmade items, they rarely, if ever, will appear 'perfect'. I keep this in mind while creating our grading scale!

I thoroughly examine each pin on arrival and are separated from B grades by an identifier on the backing card. See below under what qualifies for a B grade to see exactly what I look for when grading. I will always do our best to send out the best pins available! If there is a major issue, please send photos and an explanation of your problem to so I can help.

Please note that all images on the website are a digital representation and the final product may differ slightly due to physical colour reproduction, sizing and scale.

A Grade
The highest quality of pin that I offer! These pins are subjectively flawless to us. If you notice any issues with your A Grade pin please let us know at

B Grade
B Grade pins have one or multiple defects exhibited below:
  • Scratched plating
  • Damaged plating
  • Damaged plating edges
  • Loose pins
  • Loose pin backings
  • Loose pin on pin attachment (where applicable) 
  • Damaged enamel
  • Enamel infill
  • Uneven enamel fill
  • Specs inside/on top of enamel fill
  • Enamel discolouring
  • Misaligned screen printing
  • Damaged screen printing 
  • Printing discolouring 
  • Printing lines